I have an existing wood burning fireplace, but I want to convert it to gas. What are my options?

Our most popular option is a gas log set or glass burner. This type of unit creates more of an aesthetic presence than heat. These units do not come with a glass front, but doors are available if desired. The burner is assembled and connected to a gas line within the firebox. You can view our selection here Vented Gas Log Sets

I live in a condo and cannot vent, but would like a fireplace. What are my options?

There are plenty of vent free options! The simplest of all are electric fireplaces. They work with a regular 110 outlet and are offered in several styles including: wall-mounted, built-in, cabinets or media centers. Another option is bio ethanol, a corn based fuel poured into a reservoir and lit manually or automatically. Bio ethanol fireplaces offer a real flame, but are primarily used for decoration. Check out our Electric Fireplaces and Ethanol Fireplaces

What is the difference between your high-end grills and my Weber?

Many of our manufacturers provide warranties on their burners and grids; the most commonly replaced parts. These are lifetime grills, perfect for outdoor kitchen constructions. Stainless steel housings, wide temperature ranges and state-of-the-art technology features separate the tailgating grill from the lifetime grill. If you are someone takes grilling seriously, view our Outdoor Kitchen Products or visit the showroom for further information.

What is Bioethanol?

Bioethanol is an environmentally friendly, liquid fuel that is derived from fermented plant sugars. Free of the smoke, soot and ash typically associated with gas or wood burning fires, bioethanol emits a bright orange, eco-friendly flame. Not only does it produce a mess-free fire, but also a vent-free one.

Does Bioethanol fuel smell?

Bioethanol has substances added to it in order for it to be labelled ‘de-natured’. The burning of these substances may cause a slight smell upon initial lighting and will dissipate with time. There is also a slight odor once the flame is extinguished – similar to when you blow out a candle. This also dissipates into the air

Do you have a showroom?

We sure do, centrally located in Maspeth Queens. You can see many of our products listed online in person but be sure to call us to ensure we have it on display. Learn More Here

What shipping options do you offer?

We offer free and paid local delivery by our NYC Fireplace team. Please view our Shipping Policy Page for all our options. On orders outside of our delivery zone, your item will ship via common carrier and the cost will be calculated at checkout.