Alfa Kit Pizzaiolo Pizza Tool Kit - Adjustable Length Peel Set
Alfa Kit Pizzaiolo Pizza Tool Kit - Adjustable Length Peel Set

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Alfa Kit Pizzaiolo Pizza Tool Kit - Adjustable Length Peel Set

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Kit Pizzaiolo V2

The Kit Pizzaiolo includes the Alfa pizza peel set that comprises 4 tools to master all stages of pizza cooking:  

  1. The Alfa pizza peel in perforated aluminium to get rid of the extra flour with the company logo embossed.
  2. The turner peel to rotate pizzas in the oven.
  3. The ember rake to move the fire around the wood-burning oven.
  4. The brass bristle brush to scrub clean the refractory floor of the oven.

The Kit Pizzaiolo is a careful selection of pizza-making tools whose main features are:

  • The Pizza Peel set with all the accessories to better manage your home oven and bake pizzas like a pro. 
    • Made of aluminium and stainless steel.
    • Perforated head to remove the excess flour.
    • Adjustable length.
    • Tubular handle.
    • Functional and elegant design.
    • Professional non-slip handle.

  • A huge range of pizza-making utensils such as the pizza dough box and the doughball peel, the infrared thermometer, the pizza cutter, the chopping board, the oven mitt, the apron and the Alfa cookbook.

The first shovel in the world with screw joint

The Alfa peel handle is adjustable in length as it is composed of two extensions that can be inserted to get the desired size. The basic length is 95 cm (handle + head) that can be increased to 120 cm (handle + one 25 cm extension + head) or to 145 cm (handle + two 25 cm extensions + head). This solution might come in handy when using the pizza peel in small wood-burning ovens or in tiny spaces such as the balcony. 

The peel handle and the shaft are made of Duroplast, a high-resistance plastic with a firm grip.



  • 1 perforated, semi-professional, aluminium peel head.
  • 1 stainless-steel, round peel head.
  • 1 stainless-steel ember rake head.
  • 1 brass bristle brush head.
  • 4 anodised aluminium, anti-slip, tubular Duroplast handles.
  • 8 anodised aluminium extensions.
  • pizza cutter.
  • 1 pizza doughball peel.
  • 1 pizza dough box.
  • 1 infrared thermometer.
  • 1 wooden chopping board.
  • apron.
  • oven mitt.
  • Alfa cookbook.